VERDICT "Recommended for readers who want a relatable and realistic portrayal of a Muslim teen with the twists and action of a suspenseful thriller." ~SLJ

Booklist hails No True Believers as a "taut debut novel" and "a page-turner that carries a message of radical love, regardless of faith." 

"In addition to keeping readers guessing what will happen next, Lumbard asks questions about government overreach, cybersecurity, and what’s at stake when the reputation of an entire group is threatened." ~Publishers Weekly

"Lumbard’s wit and wisdom shines through . . . a treasure!” –G. Willow Wilson, author of Alif the Unseen, The Butterfly Mosque, and the Ms. Marvel series

“NO TRUE BELIEVERS is a timely tale that invokes the power of community and exposes the fallacies of hate.” -Lamar Giles, author of SPIN


‘No True Believers’ is Rabiah York Lumbard’s debut YA novel, the story of Salma, a tech savvy Muslim teen who finds herself entangled in a case of right-wing terrorism. The book is also about what it’s like to be a white Muslim in the US. While being Muslim in the West comes with all kinds of issues of prejudice, racism and xenophobia, being white and Muslim comes with its own challenges, and privilege. The novel is a thrilling and funny story featuring important themes of islamophobia, white supremacy and terrorism while staying true to classic YA tropes of hormone-filled teenagers, high school drama and a coming-of-age plot.'

~ @ilhamreads aka Ilham Essalih, Freelance Book Reviewer #ilhamreviews 
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