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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

A couple of friendly warnings before you explore this blog:

  1. I blog to think, remember, share and heal ( am not a healer). That being said, I am a busy mom of three and an author who also has a "day time job." There will be TYPOS! I'm working on it, but such is life.

  2. I am not sectarian. This blog is not meant to be a primer on any dogmatic or "normative" representation of "Islam." Islam is not a monolith.

  3. I am not a scholar. Though I do consider myself an "educated layperson." Do not @me with you fiqhi or theological shouting. You will be ignored for while I have deep respect for scholars, academics, tradition, and my fellow travelers on the path, I firmly believe in independent thinking and intellectual freedom. That being said, if I've made a legit error send me a friendly note. I love to play around with Arabic, but after all these decades I still see myself as a novice, having forgotten a lot of what I learned when life got busy with kids and the general trials of the dunia.

  4. Lastly, for full disclosure, I've been Muslim for twenty years. I've lived in four different Arab countries and have traveled to many other cultural zones from the Turkish to the Persian and beyond. I'm technically "Sunni" but I love reading about "Shi'ism" and love my Shi'ite brothers and sisters. I was in a Shadhiliyyah tariqah for many years. I am also a universalist and believe that Islam is but one way to know God and find inner peace in this life and the next. I will cite and play around with teachings from a variety of sources. So again, ahlan was sahlan if this intrigues you. But this might not be your thing, either, and that's totally fine.

  5. Again, my niyya here is to think, remember, heal and share.

Wa salaam,


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